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CCTV & Burglar Alarm Installation


If you are looking to protect your home or business with CCTV or a burglar alarm system, or both, we at ShineTech Electrical can offer an affordable, bespoke camera and burglar alarm installation package to meet your needs.

Monitoring CCTV and alarms

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, modern-day CCTV and burglar alarm systems can be self-monitored remotely on computers, tablets and smartphones, saving the cost of expensive remote-monitoring subscription packages.

CCTV systems require an active internet connection to enable remote monitoring. And the burglar alarm systems require an active landline or mobile sim card to allow remote monitoring.

Hard-wired versus wireless CCTV and alarm systems

We install wireless and hard-wired CCTV and burglar alarm systems. They each have pros and cons.

The hard-wired systems are maintenance-free and more reliable than the wireless. But in some cases, the wiring may cause decoration issues.

The wireless systems have a very low visual impact, but as they are battery powered, they require regular maintenance and replacing the battery at regular intervals.

IP or analogue CCTV systems

The brand, type and video quality of the system determines the cost of a CCTV installation. There are two types of CCTV cameras: IP (internet protocol) and analogue.

IP cameras provide overall better quality video as opposed to analogue cameras. This is because the IP camera transmits the electronic signal to the NVR (network video recorder) and the NVR processes the video.

With analogue cameras, the camera processes the video itself and sends the video to the DVR (digital video recorder). So, the length and size of the cable between the two both contribute towards quality loss in analogue systems.