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Electrical Fault Finding & Remedial


Electrical faults can be visible or invisible. Some are noticeable and some are not. With the visible, noticeable electrical faults, users are prompted to find an immediate solution to the problem.

We can respond quickly to fix the electrical faults you notice: something stops working, a fuse keeps tripping, you have a broken or cracked power socket outlet or a switch that is causing concern.

However, the invisible and unnoticeable faults are discreet. Usually, with these types of faults, the electrics may work as intended, but safety is compromised. They can be potentially fatal electrical hazards.

A typical example of an invisible and unnoticed fault is a missing or discontinued earth cable. The earthing in an electrical system is an essential safety mechanism, but the electrical system can function perfectly well without it.

Some other common examples of discreet electrical faults are:
  • Reversed or incorrect phase sequence
  • Reversed polarity
  • Incorrect circuit protective devices
  • No ring continuity on ring circuits
  • Damaged concealed cables
  • Loose or weak electrical connections
  • Imbalanced load in three-phase installations
  • Thermally damaged internal electrical components

Usually, a periodic Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is carried out to identify underlying faults such as these in an electrical installation.

At ShineTech Electrical, we offer domestic and commercial customers a planned maintenance service to identify and fix invisible faults, as well as reacting when you have an electrical issue.