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Electrical Installation


ShineTech Electrical provides domestic and commercial electrical installation services for new builds, and partial or full re-wiring services for existing premises.

We operate across all London boroughs and the home counties.

The electrics are part of the backbone of any building. Regardless of the building’s purpose, when it comes to electrical installation, safety and reliability are crucial. Other important factors we always consider are ease of use and energy efficiency.

A fixed-wire electrical installation includes:

  • The complete assembly of cables and cable management systems
  • The selection and installation of appropriate circuit protection devices
  • The selection of the correct types of electrical accessories, and
  • The implementation of other electrical safety requirements and mechanisms.

There are various types of systems and methods of electrical installation or wiring.  There are several internal and external factors that are essential in determining which of these systems and methods to apply. These include:

  • The nature of the premises
  • The location of the installation
  • The intention of the building’s use
  • Characteristics of the main electrical supply.

Electrical cabling

There is a wide range of electrical cables available. Examples of the electrical cables which are commonly used across fixed-wire electrical installations are:

  • Twin and earth (T&E)
  • Single cable
  • Steel wire armoured cable (SWA)
  • Hi tuff
  • Mineral insulated copper-clad cable (MICC or MI cable) popularly known as pyro
  • Fire-resistant cable (FP cable)

In certain circumstances, some of these cables do not require a cable containment system, as they can be managed with a clipped direct method.

Cable management/containment systems

A range of cable management or containment systems is used to support and protect electrical cables. Examples of cable management components include:

  • Mini trunking
  • Compartment trunking
  • Metal trunking
  • Cable trays and baskets
  • Metal and plastic conduits